Tickle your taste buds with protein packed bugs – try edible insects today!

Edible insects may not seem to be the obvious choice for those seeking a delicious, nutritional and protein packed meal however, a whole host of edible insects are available for purchase at www.krecafood.com. The edible insects featured on this website are economically priced and include a selection of house crickets, grasshoppers and lesser mealworms – all of which make an excellent protein alternative to traditional protein sources such as beef, pork and chicken. Additionally, these insects are rich in fat, essential amino and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Years of insect farming excellence:
Kreco food has been farming and producing insects for human consumption for over 35 years. Quality and the highest produce is a guarantee, with all edible insects being free of preservatives, hormones and pesticides. 

Injecting some culinary fun into edible insect eating:
Excellent selections of mouth-watering recipes are available on the website for inspiration and experimenting. These recipes include pancakes, fries, cookies and French fries. With culinary suggestions so simple and easy to follow, the temptation to trial is high.

For more information, please took a look on www.krecafood.com or dial +31 – 341 557769.