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Dental implants The Hague

Implants are for everyone missing one tooth or even all teeth and/or molars and want to be able to smile, talk and eat freely again. Age plays only a minimal role, because implants are possible even at an advanced age. Thanks to the innovations and developments in the field of implantology, existing criteria to qualify for implants are continually extended. That way, more and more people can qualify for implants. There are several specialist within the Hollands Spoor practice with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of implantology.

What is an implant?
An implant can be best compared to an artificial root. An implant replaces an absent tooth root and is placed screw-like in the jaw. Implants are made of a bio-compatible material such as titanium. Sometimes they are equipped with a ceramic layer. The implant provides a basis for a crown, bridge or overdentures.

Placing an implant
The dentist will place the implants and will follow the following steps:
First you will receive a local anesthetic around the area where the implant is to be placed.
Next, the gums at the spot where the implant is to come have to be loosened, so that the jawbone becomes visible.
Then a hole is drilled into the jawbone.
Into this hole the implant is screwed or tapped.
The gums are then sutured.

Who can get an implant?
In principle, anyone with a mature jawbone (from about 18) can get implants placed. For successful treatment, you must meet several requirements:
You must have enough jawbone to anchor implants.
Your jawbone must be healthy.
The gums of the remaining teeth must be healthy. If that is not the case, that will be treated first.
You must be willing to properly maintain the fitted aids.

The dentists of the Hollands Spoor dental practice use X-rays to judge whether you have enough jawbone and whether or not it is healthy. Nowadays, it is possible to create new jawbone in those places where it is lacking. Research shows that the ten-year life span of implants lies between 90 and 95%.
Note: Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption has a significant adverse impact on the success of the treatment.

What are the costs of an implant?
The Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (Dutch Healthcare Authority) has set fixed rates for dental care in 2015.
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